Welcome to the
Jonathan Gove
Memorial Scholarship Fund

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Board of Directors


Lester Gove (President)
June Gove (Director)
Adam Michaud (Treasurer)
Megan Kingsley (Assistant Treasurer)
Ben Michaud (Webmaster)
Ben Michaud (Secretary)

Scholarship Review Committee

June Gove
Megan Kingsley
Shawn Gove
Doug Proulx
Linda Proulx
Christi Michaud
Elizabeth Lordan
Brenda Chase
Kim Ellis
Brian Ellis
Mary Michaud

Fundraiser Committee

Lester Gove
June Gove
Sue Nadeau
All Board Members

The Jonathan Gove Memorial Scholarship Fund
is a NH non-profit corporation and is exempt from Federal Income Tax
under Section 501(c)(3)of the Internal Revenue Code.